Security Solutions

If you don’t know what parts of your business are vulnerable, or how to thoroughly protect your sensitive data, you can’t be sure your business is secure. Getting a professional audit on your entire IT infrastructure to determine what you may need to prevent a breach is a good step towards protecting your company. UpTech can assist you with securing your business.

Threat Assessment

Our vulnerability assessment is a proactive attempt to evaluate the security of your infrastructure by safely attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities, inclusive of Operating Systems, service and configuration flaws, improper configurations, and often times risky end-user behavior.

Tests are designed to systematically attempt to compromise your servers, desktops, Web applications, networks, mobile devices, and any other potential point of exposure that can be found. If a vulnerability is found, our team will then attempt to use the vulnerability to compromise the system, then use that system to further compromise additional systems within your organization.

At the end of testing, information about all discovered exploits is compiled into a report, which will help you make an informed business decision about whether the risk should be mitigated or accepted.

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Computer Forensics

Electronic documents are, by nature, portable, easy to copy and prone to theft. Be it malicious attackers, or employees, it puts your confidential information in the hands of those it was not intended for.

The purpose of a forensics investigation is to determine if an employee or attacker connected a device to a computer and downloaded any files that contained confidential data or deleted any data. Further investigation can determine if there are remote access toolkits installed, or scripts that cause data destruction (logic bombs).

Our team focuses on secure evidence acquisition, evidence analysis, and evidence reporting, with a full chain of custody report through the entire process.

Have you already gone over your risks, and determined what to do in the case of a disaster, be it fire, flooding, or system crash? We can help you put a plan in place.

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Physical Security

If you’ve made sure your digital security is under control, have you done the same for your physical security? Do you have cameras monitoring mission-critical areas of your business? Is it full time recording, or just when motion is detected? Can you access the cameras from anywhere, yet still keep a secure environment?

Remotely connected surveillance in combination with intrusion notification keypad locks will greatly enhance the security of your business, and may reduce your insurance rates.

We can assess your building and needs, and make recommendations based on the findings at a cost that will likely come as a pleasant surprise. Using wireless technology and Power Over Ethernet, the installation time is rapid, and benefits remarkable.

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Continuity Planning

Over 60% of all businesses do not have any type of continuity plan, many do not run consistent backups offsite. In the event of a disaster, they do not have documented plans or anything to fall back on.

We work with you to determine the important aspects of your business, risks associated with those aspects, and the most cost effective way to mitigate those risks. During this process we document policies and procedures so that you finish the process with the risks either accepted, mitigated or addressed, and a full documented business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

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