The all-in-one website service for your growing business

  • One-of-a-kind Design
  • Engaging Content

  • No More Down-Time
  • Straightforward SEO

Putting together a great digital marketing strategy is not an easy task. Marketing strategies, and search engines are always evolving, using new techniques and standards. This is where UpTech comes in to help you reach potential customers, retain your loyal customers, and have a holistic approach to your branding. Marketing can be intimidating and overwhelming-let UpTech eliminate frustration and help you reach your goals while growing your business. We have partnered with an expert group of web developers, Pronto Marketing, to bring your goals and ideas to life through a responsive, comphrensive website.

Websites & Marketing

Look professional on every device and channel.


One-of-a-kind Design

We don't use templates for our websites. You're unique and we'll design a site that reflects that. And because our model allows for unlimited design revisions, we'll work with you until you're 100% happy.


Engaging Content

Writing self-promotional copy is awkward and time-consuming. Our content writers craft copy that tells your story and helps you communicate effectively with visitors - all while ensuring that search engines love you.


No More Downtime

Our managed hosting ensures your site is always ready to greet your customers. Our technical team anticipates updates, fights spambots and squashes bugs - so your peace of mind is as stable as your site.


Straightforward SEO

We'll index your site with all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and our experts help you navigate the complexities of SEO, analyze your traffic trends, and implement simple improvements.

Everything your growing business needs to shine online

We're a one stop shop to help you get more traffic and leads.


Your visitors can chat live with our 24/7 chat team trained to capture leads. Starting at $15 per lead.


Get more qualified leads through a proven process that scales with your budget. Starting at $350 per month.


Every month, we'll prepare an email newsletter based on the articles in your blog. Once you approve, we'll deliver to your list, while you get all the credit.


Once we've redesigned your website, we can create offline PDF versions for you to print and hand to prospects. Starting at $300 per brochure.

We host and maintain over 1000 websites around the world. Professional grade and bullet-proof, it's the ultimate website platform for your small business.


Every website we build with our custom design platform uses responsive design, which means every page will render correctly and convert visitors, regardless of their device. From smartphones to tablets to laptops to PC monitors, it's great to know that your website will always be looking its best.


Design, copy, navigation, calls-to-action, forms, links, downloads – it's all got to work, and work together well. Nothing loses a potential customer faster than a broken website - it creates a terrible impression of your business. Thanks to our partnership with Pronto, and our marketing and website vast experience and attention to detail, you're in safe hands.


There's more to building a website than meets the eye, and there's more to a website than just eye candy. Your business deserves a website that loads fast, is always available and well protected against threats. UpTech ensures your website is performing at the top of its game – around the clock.

Our Insights =
Better Marketing Visibility

Your most important marketing metrics

View traffic, leads, keyword ranking and competitor info all in one easy to understand dashboard. Finally, an analytics platform that isn't overly complicated, but with enough information to provide valuable insights.

Monthly performance reports

Every month, we'll email you a custom report outlining how your website has done in the past 30 days. Our team of experts are standing by to answer any questions you have.


Supported by a team of friendly experts,
All for one low fixed monthly price.

We believe that your Internet Presence has more to do with our people than it is about
our technology. Five days a week, 24 hours a day, we work together to work for you.