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smartphone & Tablet repair richmond

Smartphone & Tablet Repair

We make repair easy. We start with clear and upfront pricing and we are always happy to diagnose your smartphone, iphone or tablet for free. If you elect to continue with a repair, we promise to return it to you as quickly as possible. Most of our popular repairs can even be performed while you wait!

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computer repair richmond

Computer Repair

We know technology and we can repair and upgrade any make and model PC or laptop. Whether your equipment is suffering from a hardware malfunction, the symptoms of a virus or malware, or in need of a memory upgrade, allow our technicians to inspect your product and offer the right solution to get you up and running.

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Business Driven IT Solutions

Uptech proudly serves the business community of Central Virginia. We have built our reputation on providing first-class IT and web design services to local businesses. Our personalized IT Help Desk support and network solutions are implemented according to your unique business processes. This means that you can get back to what you love – running your business.

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Security Solutions

Cyber-criminals are not limited to a few countries. They're everywhere and they're constantly planning their next attack. Reduce your risks and protect your organization today. Uptech can develop a comprehensive security solution and help you develop the right processes to combat these threats and safeguard your data.

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Why Choose Uptech?

From device repair to the installation of secure network environments, we have you covered. With the knowledge that comes from over 70 industry certifications, coupled with strong industry partnerships our clients receive the highest level of support and the most cost effective solutions that help you keep up with tech nology. In our retail store, in your home, at your business, or online.


What Our Customers Say

"The team at Uptech worked wonders on helping me design my new clinic as well as seamlessly moving from my old clinic while keeping costs low. They are extremely responsive, and have been lifesavers when our AviMark vet management software stopped working, getting me back up and running quickly. In all, I would highly recommend their services."

Dr. Anne Carr,
Blackstone Animal Clinic


"They have well exceeded our expectations! They have bent over backwards to provide excellent customer service to our clinic. We know any time we need them, they are only a phone call away. They know the latest technology and are ALWAYS very helpful when asked their opinion on what is best for our clinic."

Kim Drake,
Swift Creek Animal Hospital


"Uptech has been our IT partner for several years and they have always been very fast to respond to incidents. Their customer service is great and their technical knowledge and ability to research to find the best solutions at reasonable prices is outstanding."

Linda Meyerhofer,
Owner – Benefit Solutions, Inc.


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